Stefanel is looking for a Logistic Distribution Manager

Profilo aziendale:
Stefanel designs, manufactures, and distributes fashion and luxury goods for women, such as apparel, shoes and bags. It is a firm reality, with an international profile and subsidiaries all around the world.


Stefanel is looking for a Logistics and Distribution Manager. The resource will have the responsibility to organize the storage and distribution of goods, therefore managing complex IT and telecommunications systems, being aware of external influences and able to respond to them in a strategic and effective way. The Logistic Distribution Manager plays a key part within the logistics field in forecasting increasingly complex systems of stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and performance evaluation, in cooperation with the Sales Department.In particular, the Logistic Distribution Manager will have to:

  • monitor the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods;
  • coordinate and control the order cycle and associated information systems;
  • analyze data to monitor performance and plan improvements and demand;
  • allocate and manage staff resources according to changing needs;
  • liaise and negotiate with many parties, including customers and suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, and retailers;
  • develop business by gaining new contracts, analysing logistical problems and producing new solutions.

The candidate needs to have a degree in distribution, logistics or transportation, and at least 5 years of experience as Logistic Manager. He/she will have to show relevant and developed teamworking, managerial and interpersonal skills, as well as logical reasoning, numeracy and IT skills.
Travel, long hours and tight deadlines are regular features of the work which can make it stressful and tiring, therefore the resource needs to be able to work and perform under pressure.

Pubblicato: 25 ottobre 2011
Esperienza: Logistic Manager
Funzione: Logistics
Settore: Abbigliamento, Moda e Beni di Lusso