Merchandise Planner

Company profile:
This company designs, manufactures, and distributes fashion apparel and accessories for women. It is a firm reality, with an international profile, subsidiaries all around the world, and the constant desire to grow. The company is looking for a new Merchandise Planner.

Position description:
The Merchandise Planner is key for the company to determine the correct products to sell.
In particular, the resource will have to:

    • analyze sales trends to determine the next trend for sales;

  • evaluating sale reports of the stores, study purchase trends of the customers, fashion and seasonal trends for forecasting the purchase of goods for the stores;
  • analyze and evaluate the sale and the promotional strategies of the stores;
  • seek financial results for the organization by setting and meeting sales goals;
  • turn the inventory quickly to meet goals;
  • assess market surveys and customer feedback reports on various products;
  • coordinate and synchronize work functions wiht the mechandise buyer;
  • study the strategies of competitor companies.

Position requirements:
The resource will have to show knowledge of the functionality of the retail industry and various products in the market. The Merchandise Planner must have strong problem solving and analytical skills, and the ability to respond quickly to the changes in the market.
He/she needs to have good team working and decision making skills and the ability to forecast, based on study and evaluation, sales trends in the market, as well as marketing skills to develop sales promotion and turn inventory according to sales goals.
A degree in sales and marketing, merchandising, retailing or any related field is required.
Three to five years of experience with an established retail company are also necessary.

Type: Full-time
Functions: Merchandise Planner
Industries: Apparel & Fashion

Milena Nardi