Hired – Minerva Group is looking for Fashion Coordinator Footwear

Profilo aziendale:
This company manufactures and sells fashion leisure wear for men, women and children. It has a wide international sales network which consists of franchise outlets, stores directly operated by subsidiaries, and departments within chain stores.
The company has a European outlook and wants to support its international development.

The company is looking for a Fashion Coordinator who has a wide understanding of the old, new and contemporary fashion trends. He/she will be responsible for a variety of tasks associated to fashion management and promotional activities. In particular, he/she will have to:

  • oversee the whole fashion design department;
  • create and maintain a unified fashion atmosphere;
  • foster new fashion concepts, monitor fashion publications and meet with designers to be updated on changing trends;
  • attend runways and fashion shows to attain new fashion ideas;
  • properly coordinate advertising and marketing activities, also creating effective marketing plans and advertising strategies;
  • visit major manufacturers and merchandise markets to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

That of Fashion Coordinator is a particular position in the company since it substantially contributes to the success of the collections.
At least 5 years of experience and a bachelor or master degree are required for this senior position.
The candidate will also have to show good interpersonal and PR skills, the ability to manage a team and to coordinate and cooperate with other departments of the company

Pubblicato: 26 ottobre 2011
Esperienza: Fashion Coordinator
Funzione: Product& Style
Settore: Abbigliamento, Moda e Beni di Lusso